What are you watching now?




Abbott Elementary. It’s pretty wholesome.
Also Atlanta. Love it.


Definitely Dr Cox.


Not a fan of legal drama shows?


i do!

i do not like kelsey grammer. i can’t be in the same room as him

i love suits!!! 'member!


Ok! You were saying “yuck” to Frasier.
I thought it was for The Good Fight.

I don’t care for Kelsey Grammar either but Frasier is such a great show.
Sort of like the natural flow of things to move on to Frasier after we finished watching Cheers.

Yes, yes! We both love Suits! I stopped watching it after the 6th season or something so I forgot about that show!
If you haven’t watched them, The Good Wife and The Good Fight are both really good legal dramas.




best show i’ve seen on tv in a long time.

not a legal drama…

the good wife and good fight…okay, might give it a whirl!


And I’ll check out Bad Sisters.
Just watched the trailer, looks good!


Good wife is excellent


Elvis rehearsals. :heart_eyes:




anybody watching “meet me in the bathroom”


No. Never even heard of it. How was it Rodknee?


Just watched this. It was a bit slow compared to the first two seasons, I thought.

Going to watch this tonight:

And after that, this:


saw most of the new jack ryan

we really liked the recruit on netflix…clever and silly and just all around good


Yeah I enjoyed the Recruit as well


Ok! We’ll do that one before Treason!
Thanks! :heart:


Treason not that great imo. Finding it hard to believe spies tell so many people what they’re up to all the time :joy: