What are you watching now?


I just finished the Patient with Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson. It was fine.

But the Serpent Queen, Jesus what a mess. The dramatization is painfully stupid, with constant moments where, for example, Catherine, Queen regent of France tells her black servant girl that her servant doesn’t need to concern herself with her jealous rivals, by whom she means her widowed daughter in law, Mary Queen of Scots. Because, ya know, servants from the kitchen and the queen of Scotland are on a level where they would be socializing and competing with each other. I haven’t even made it through the end of the less than ten episode season, why is this rated 95% on Rotten Tomatoes? I’m reading the (nonfiction) book it was allegedly based on, it’s a lot better. But hey guys, there’s scissoring in this one. You know, scissoring? The possibly made up lesbian sex act all too common at the close of the 1500s. I think I just answered my own question. :tomato::tomato::tomato:


Yeah, we know scissoring.


There’s a Ryan Adams song about scissoring, right?


There’s a Ryan Adams song about everything. What I really lost on Valentines Day of 2019 was my favorite interjection that something (anything) was a Ryan Adams song.


yeah it’s called “Starting To Hurt”


It takes two when it used to take one.


Oh my god, whatever, etc.



Thanks, exile. You just saved me from watching it!
I’ll pass on it and move on to something better! :+1:



every damn show just seems the same same same copy of a copy copy copy


We’re going to finish it but it’s not getting any better. Makes you realise how good decent spy series are at least. Slow Horses is fantastic.


I was thinking exactly the same thing when I was watching Jack Ryan.


Looking forward to watching it! As a matter of fact, the last episode is on on Dec. 30 so we’ll be watching that next!


Yes!!! Slow horses is great!!! Gary Oldman really makes the show!!!


And while we wait for Slow Horses, we’re watching this:


Couples Therapy season 3!


@exile & @thebalvenie

The Recruit was surprisingly good! I hope there’s a second season.

And Slow Horses! Loving it!! We usually don’t watch more than one episode a night but with this one, we’re going for two. I’m glad I waited to get the whole second season to watch it.
Liking the storyline better than the first season. I hope there’ll be a season 3 for this one.


There is I think, after the last episode there are new scenes from next book.
There are 8 Slough House books to date (which I have read now) so hopefully they’ll keep making it.


We just watched the entire Season 1 of The Bear.
It was fucking great!


Yeah I really enjoyed that one, great ensemble work


Yup, can’t wait for season 2.

We watched it twice, it was even better the second time.