What are you watching now?


They had a lot of great music in The Bear too!

Being in Chicago Wilco was a natural, but I heard Counting Crows a few times, the Breeders, Van Morrison and lots of other good stuff.



the bear was so good and i love jeremy allen white…along w/ fiona (emmy rossum) he was my fave on the american shameless


I’m watching The Great and it lives up to its name. Delightful.


Poker Face. Good but not great. I like Columbo, a lot, but this ain’t that.


Would I Lie To You. Really quite sharp and genuinely funny uk panel show. Not sure if it airs abroad.


I think you can see it on BritBox in USA, through Amazon prime.


I caved and started watching The Last Of Us. It is really well done and the visuals are amazing, but at the end of the day it is a fairly standard road movie. I’m invested now so I will watch the rest but don’t expect any surprises.


Last night we started Black Bird. So far so good.

Tonight we watched this 3 part documentary that is crazy and fucked up:


I thought Black Bird was excellent. Very creepy performance from Paul Walter Hauser that really works.


I thought we talked about Severance but it must be in another thread. Did you watch?

I can’t stop thinking about it now that I’ve finished season 1.


I started it but just didn’t get going with it. I don’t think it helps I see the main protagonist as Ben from parks and rec :joy:


I hesitated as well. I rewatched the first episode again and got through first three. Then I started to get into it.

I recommend trying it again. So much happens and it’s really a crazy show. Like things I never would have thought of happened.

I ended up really loving it by the end.


Cool, I’ll give it another whirl


Did anybody watch all of Atlanta?


Over the Garden Wall. I love it.


Yes and I’d watch it all again.



“Are You Lonesome Tonight?” from the Hampton show is performed so beautifully. :heart: