What are you watching now?


Sounds like a “Cocaine Bear” for oldies like me.




The trailer above :point_up:, have you watched the show?
I think you’ll enjoy it.
It came out a few years ago and you may have seen the movie version with Mark Wahlberg but the TV series (the first season) was really good. More details and depth than the movie. We’re looking forward to watching season 2 next.


Hey!! The movie was decent enough for an action flick

I can’t stand Phillipe though
I think his acting sucks


Haha! Well, he’s in it but he does more shooting-acting than talking-acting so maybe you can tolerate him.

I guess this means that you didn’t watch David E. Kelley’s Big Sky? I was wondering how that was…


The ability to act while shooting has gotten to be very important for landing roles nowadays.

Also to be able to crack jokes while killing people.


Alec Baldwin is not amused.


Well, maybe the shooting-acting won’t be good enough for Rodknee aka @thebalvenie. But he won’t know until he watches it! :+1:


if it’s anything like the Reacher tv series on prime, count me out


it’s awful!


I liked the first season.