What are you watching now?


Love that phrase. Good old Fonzy.



Just watching the Ray Donovan movie… They all look a little older and heavier, but I’m hoping it’s gonna be a nice wrap up.


you can hope in one hand and shit in another.

ray donovan just sucked the last couple seasons. didn’t watch em but we watched the movie. it was snoozefest 2022


Started watching it last night. Pretty good! :+1:


hey! i saw that post before you deleted it!

you know i love you. but that doesn’t mean the donovan movie isn’t shite!


i have a love hate for this kind of shit.

i hate the greed and the ineptness and corruption of the FDA and blah blah blah…i also love the crusaders who have dedicated their lives to stopping the goliaths of the world. i just can’t believe we need to tell a greedy corrupt piece of shit to not make billions off the addiction of others. makes me sad and, mostly, mad


Late to the party as always, but I finally watched James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” a couple of days ago. I was a bit worried that it would be over-hyped but what can I say – “Nam, nam”?
Saw Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” the same evening. Together they made a double-feature as good as they come.


Finished the current episodes available pretty quickly (for me anyway). Took a couple of episodes to get going, but then I couldn’t stop.


I’m only on the second new ep right now but can feel a binge coming on.


Mare of Easttown—on episode 2.


I loved Mare of Eastown. Stick with it.


Just watched a doc called Fanny: The Right To Rock. They were an all-girl rock band from 1970 until maybe the mid 70’s. The bass player dated Bowie for a while. 2 of the 4 members are gay. The deck was highly stacked against them. Definitely worth a watch.


I know I’m late, but we are watching Succession. I love it. I put it up there with Six Feet Under and Breaking Bad. It’s so damn fantastic


Gay porn


New show on Cinemax?


My grandson pushed the wrong button and bought us Showtime for at least a month. We were out of town and my daughter was house sitting. Nice to find out they make it really easy to accidentally buy something you don’t really want… one-click purchases!

So I ended up watching a movie yesterday. It wasn’t very good and it co-starred Oprah Winfrey. Now that we’re home i’m cancelling my subscription.


You should at least binge Yellowjackets. 30% of the regulars here agree, the rest don’t have Showtime.


Speaking of Showtime, I’m watching We Need to Talk About Cosby. A+.


oh god. i forgot about that!! SAVED!