What are you watching now?


I watched that last night. It was pretty good, without getting into many specifics.


Norm MacDonald : "Now do you think Cosby’s legacy will be hurt?"
Jerry Seinfeld “Yeah”.
Norm MacDonald : “You do, huh? I mean, there’s a comedian, Patton Oswalt, he told me, I think the worst part of the Cosby thing was the hypocrisy. And I disagreed”.
Jerry Seinfeld: "You disagreed with that?!?"
Norm MacDonald : “Yeah, I thought it was the raping”.


I just watched the episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ that line comes from the other day, and Norm was the funniest guest so far.


The banter with Bill Burr was also pretty great (he is funnier when he is more laid-back as he was here).


You were right LBS—so much sadness and bad choices- very well done.




I really enjoyed that. Far more than the Cruise films, this version of Reacher really felt like the book.


i couldn’t stomach it. that actor is so bad and cringey. i mean tom cruise is a douche in real life but he was a great jack reacher. this guy is a poor man’s john cena…and that’s not a good thing


When we are on the topic of John Cena, “Peacemaker” truly is a good thing …


Same here. I watched 5 minutes of it and had to turn it off. I guess we have the same taste in men!


ugh. and john cena is the poor man’s "the rock"
can’t watch peacemaker either. i’ll take amazon prime’s the boys though…that’s a great show on flawed and corrupt super heroes.


I liked the Rock very much in “Reno 911: Miami”.


That’s why we decided to watch it. All the reviews said that it was truer to the book than the TC version and plus, my dad is a Lee Child fan and he’s read all the books so we said, why not?
And we really enjoyed it! Lots of action and the storyline ( I haven’t read Killing Floor) was interesting. I really liked how they added Reacher’s childhood to the story, too.


I thought the acting was supposed to be cringey and bad! :rofl:


That’s what I heard! I’ll have to check it out. :+1:


The Boys is great. There are no eagle hugging scenes in that one, though.


Nope, that’s just Kristen Stewart.


Starting to watch Jann. So far seems funny, she’s a natural.


We just finished the last episode of Goliath.

Man, what a good show.

I loved it. Wish it wasn’t over.


OK, Jan has about three solid laughs per show. It’s fun but not great, like a light Canadian version of the Chris Isaac show with a much less talented star.

Though she did just refer to an outfit as ‘moose knuckle, not a good look on me.’