What are you watching now?


White Lotus on HBO is great. Like Fawlty Towers 2.0. Even Steve Zahn is good.


White Lotus was weird and good. Looking forward to Season Two.


What should we start next?

Never seen any of these:

The Handmaids Tale
Breaking Bad


We’re currently watching Ozark. It’s pretty good. It’s sort of similar to Breaking Bad, but what it makes more interesting is that it doesn’t offer the explanation of being diagnosed with a terminal disease as an excuse for engaging in criminal behavior. They simply are, and it creates more moral complexity.

I liked the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale, but it’s one of these shows where they have to come up with reasons to keep it going, which are getting less and less convincing.

I’m too old for Euphoria, I think.


I’m old as well.

Euphoria is low on the list for me but a girl at work is raving about it. But mostly bc it’s so crazy.

Thanks for your input. :+1:t2:


We’re on episode 3 of Ozark.

Good so far.


In my opinion Ozark is good, Breaking Bad is great.


it is good. the dennis quaid one was not that great…

but that paralegal blonde lady is fucking perfect. really like her


i agree w/ dougo


Agreed, Season 3 with Dennis Quaid was the weakest of the 4.


One day we will get to Breaking Bad.


And agreed the blonde lawyer lady is beyond awesome. Never seen her in anything else.

Patty Solis-Pappagian :blush:


It really is quite something


The Clinton Affair


The rain.

But tonight, I will watch The French Dispatch.


What the fuck, fam? This is exactly the kind of bullshit that drives me further and further into deep statership despite the fact that I am not a libertarian.


The deep state is the only thing that’s going to keep us from becoming Hungary/Poland/Russia.


There are people who tirelessly work for peace and justice. And people who work tirelessly on evil shit.




Just finished this, it was really interesting… they landed some jaw dropping talking heads… that Ken Star just can’t help himself, can he?

If you like this one, I recommend watching the Prime documentary on Lorena Bobbitt, “Lorena.” The 90’s were wild, man.