What are you watching now?


They really were. And the music was great. The beginning of all of the alt-country stuff was just so exciting.


We’ve been watching Cats 101 to get the boys ready for the idea of a cat and also to get extra hyped about our new family member.


We just finished season 3 of Ozark.

Holy shit!!!



Wynton at Harvard: “Hidden in Plain View: Meanings in American Music”

“Hidden in Plain View: Meanings in American Music” is a series of six lectures delivered at Harvard University between 2011 and 2014 sponsored by the Office of the President and Provost. The inaugural lecture, “Music as Metaphor,” was delivered in Sanders Theatre to a capacity crowd. It is an interpretation of the many unobserved symbols in American music and an investigation into how they illuminate the democratic process.

It covers many of the fundamental devices, forms, and songs that bind the different Americas together at the root. It is Marsalis’s contention that “‘Me vs. You’ and ‘Us vs. Y’all’—vs. ‘All of Us’—remains the struggle at the heart of humankind and the central debate of our Constitution. How do we achieve a common ground when individual victories are so much more valued? This conundrum has been resolved harmoniously in our musical arts for more than a century. Under the vibrant din of our democracy, on the lower frequencies, sonic metaphors speak to and for us all. What they tell us about what it means to be American could serve us well in these divisive and uncivil times.”

Performances by Marsalis’s ensemble (with special guest, the iconic fiddler Mark O’Connor) punctuate the lecture with musical explanations.

Mark O’Connor - fiddle
Walter Blanding - reeds
James Chirillo - guitar
Dan Nimmer - piano
Carlos Henriquez - bass
Ali Jackson - drums


Oh wow this is cool, TY.




Unfortunately, a big disappointment for me (a fan of Garth Ennis run on the Punisher Max comic). Liked the first episode but it really went south from there. Not even the gratuitous violence could save the day. Joe Bernthal is perfect for the part, though.


He is, isn’t he?

I wasn’t going to watch it because of the violence but we decided to go for it because we saw him in Daredevil and we really enjoyed watching him as the Punisher.

Ha! Well, that’s all we’ve seen so far! And yes, it was good!
Just started watching it yesterday and tonight is episode 2.
I don’t know anything about the comic book series so I have nothing to compare it to so maybe it won’t be that bad for me.


Ha ha, I think that the series could have been quite entertaining (I am no stranger to B movie storytelling) if they would have reduced it to four or maybe five episodes instead of stretching out the story to get thirteen (!) episodes.


I’ve been watching a Mexican show called ‘Amsterdam’ on HBO Max. It’s nice to see middle class arty hipsters rather than what we normally get as stories and tropes from Mexico. Show is well done.


Well, episode 2 wasn’t bad. I guess it’s downhill from here! :rofl:


Buckle up! :grinning:


Rewatching Breaking Bad this week.

It’s very different because the first time we were conditioned to root for the central character because we never see a show where the main character is the villain. So the realization slowly set in.

Now that we know he’s the villain it’s so much easier to see he starts off as a scumbag.


I had a very similar experience. I recently rewatched Breaking Bad with my wife. She was immediately appalled by Walter…and I got it. It didn’t take until the last two or three seasons to see it like it did before. I guess I always knew I was rooting for the villain…I just didn’t always realize he was such a selfish asshole.


I cannot tell you how often I am rooting for the villain.


I had the same experience watching Season 2 of Emily in Paris. She’s such a selfish, vapid twat (thymes with ‘bat’).


I always rooted for the villains in Seinfeld.


That’s pretty much the whole cast, no?!