What are you watching now?


I’m seeing what you mean. :rofl:
It’s not really moving forward and I’m already up to episode 7.
I liked Daredevil better. :smiling_imp:


Yeah, agree (sad to say). “Boiling soup on a nail” is an expression that comes to mind when describing the plot and the script-writing for this series (dunno if that is just a Swedish expression to describe making something out of nothing, or if it is used in other countries too).


This is not a universal phrase, but it perfectly encapsulates the later seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Just cancel this shit.


Just finished watching the last season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix. So good; looking forward to the movie!


there’s a movie!?!?!


peaky blinders is one of the best, if not the best, gangster show.


The movie ‘Metal Lords’ on Netflix was a fun watch. It’s a high school drama-thing about outsiders who play in a metal band for a battle of the bands. It’s also a first love thing.

Quote: “Why can’t we all not fit in together.”

The difference between this and its ilk is that the characters seem human, the actors are at least competent musicians and play during the takes (metal, so it’s actually hard to do) and the direction is distant and therefore more real.

It is a product of D.B. Weiss, one of the game of thrones showrunner guys.


Yeah, I love the show so much!

Indeed, it looks like a movie is in the works; perhaps start production next year:



Found these DVD’s for cheap while I was on vacation. Steve has never seen it so we are watching now.

The reruns ran late at night in the Summer when we were kids and my brother and I watched them all. So fun to watch again.

Anybody else like it?


that’s a no for me, dog.


Nathan Fielder’s new show The Rehearsal is really good. I think I am liking it more than Nathan For You. Fielder really has fascinating mind.




this was excellent!

and i love Lip :slight_smile:


It really was. Not only was the storyline good, it was also really fascinating to watch all the kitchen stuff.
Can’t wait for season 2!

Btw, what’s Lip?


Lip is short for Philip …his chicago based character from Shameless


A great remake. Second time (imo) the US has improved on the UK version


What is the other one?


The Office. I love Gervais but the US version has me caring about the characters which UK did not (length of run helped but Dwight >>> Gareth)


This is a controversial opinion here :thinking:


I likes what I likes I guess :blush:


I prefer UK office by a large margin, but I agree with the caring about characters assessment.