What are you watching now?


i love them both.

and i love parks and rec…it’s like the american office but sillier


The scene where David Brent talks very LOUDLY to the woman in the wheel-chair is arguably one of the greatest moments in the history of comedy.




Really enjoyed this series


Started The Sandman yesterday and am LOVING it


i started it and turned it off. sorry willie i really wanted to try it out. is it based off a book or comic?


It’s based on a a comic book (“graphic novel”) which is widely heralded as being one of the best of all time. I am not familiar with the source material, though.


I am going to be on the last episode of the season tonight. Despite some casting changes regarding color and gender it has been pretty accurate. I am kid if upset that they changed John Constantine and Lucifer Morningstar so much but I have still enjoyed this.


I own the entire Lucifer comic series, some of them are even signed by Ryan Kelly and Peter Gross.





I’ve been watching Better Call Saul… getting ready for the final episode, I believe. Supposed to lead up to the beginning of Breaking Bad?
Jesse and Heizenberg had cameos last week. It is well done, but the comedic elements haven’t been around as much and many of the scenes seem lengthy. Hoping the last episode wraps things up neatly.


you could say you own a mason jar full of old-timey kidney stones and I wouldn’t be surprised.


That reminds me… one of the guys on my bowling team brought his gall bladder in a jar one night because he asked to keep it.


Even if not into comic book stuff I would suggest giving it a run. The first few episodes read like above average intelligence comic book fare but starting with episode 5 it becomes much more of an examination of philosophy.

Episode 5 is as disturbing as episode 6 is beautiful.


If anybody has not seen The Leftovers on HBO I would HIGHLY recommend that one.

In my top 5 of greatest series of all time, for sure.


Started it last night. I’m really enjoying it! My husband… not so much. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve read some of the sandman comics/graphic novels in the past, or just different tastes (he’s currently rewatch in the Paul Giamatti/Laura Linney John Adams show).


not my top 5 but i did enjoy it.

another of his i thought was really good and they’re making season 2:


I really enjoyed episodes 3 & 4, the ones about Ronnie & Charlie.


I liked The Leftovers but didn’t love it.

I love a lot of HBO shows. One of the best was The Night Of.

Anyone who hasn’t watched that one should.