What are you watching now?


So good we watched it twice, two nights in a row (the concert part, skipped the rehearsals)!



It’s a little outdated but I really enjoyed it. I loved how a lot of the decor was 70’s kitsch!
Amazing how much stuff they have there and how they kept everything over the years while he was alive. And the gold records! WOW!!
(I got curious and googled the upstairs and found the layout and some photos.)

When did you go to Graceland, highlife?
I would love to visit there someday.


I went in the late 80s. It really cemented my nonironic appreciation of him. I mean, shit. He carpeted the ceiling in the game/pool room. And the jungle room may look a sight in pictures, but it’s like a Van Gogh–you really have to see it yourself, in person.


The estate had just gotten his mother’s pink Cadillac back but hadn’t restored it yet. It was in a parking lot across the street along with the Lisa Marie airplane. The Pink Cadillac had been serving as a salad bar in some restaurant somewhere so the inside of it had been completely cleared out and it was just that metal restaurant bin stuff to support ice that would hold the containers of salad bar ingredients.


Wow, that’s so sad to hear. I’m glad they got it back and restored it. It sounds like you’ll have to go back to Memphis to see the pink Cadillac again at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum.
In the video they mentioned that they had to get the planes back, also.


“Back to Memphis” yes please.


Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks, did anyone watch Dahmer?


I’ve been watching over the past few weeks. I’m on episode 8 I think.


watched most of it…some parts i had to skip or tune out cause it was just too much…evan peters BETTER win the oscar. he’s fucking amazing. he’s like a bill haverchuck meets psycho.





On the umpteenth watch of this one; love it so much


I love it so much too!



I just started watching Green Wing, which is sort of like the UK Scrubs. Great cast, quite funny.


Besides JD and Turk, who is your favorite character?


great question! I have to say it’s Dr Cox – each time I rewatch it, I identify with him more and more. Perhaps because I’m older now. While JD’s situations definitely still apply, Cox’s are much more relevant, especially professionally. How about you?


Me too. I love Dr. Cox.
I always have. He’s such a great character.
He’s such a jerk sometimes but just because he cares so much.

I love Janitor too.
Elliot, Carla and Kelso are great too.


Last season :cry:


Yeah I agree! One of my most favorite jokes from Janitor:

“I don’t believe in the moon; I think it’s just the back of the sun.” :joy: (I think it’s in Season 8, shortly after he meets his girlfriend before they get married)