What became of the unlikely lads (and lasses)?


I remember some bright souls from the old org who I wonder about still:

There was a southern singer-songwriter lad who was working in New York City

There was goodgoddog - a struggling bipolar artist

Keef Riffhard - a lad from Wisconsin who moved to San Francisco then New York

Speakeree - a psychotic Jesus freak from West Virginia

I don’t know what has become of these peeps over the tumultuous passed decade. We saw society fall and a new guard rise and we’ve come so far from those heady days of revolution


Good memory, mrgay. :nerd_face:



I miss that fucker most


He was a one-of-a-kind.


I follow Tony on twitter but it’s strange; he posts these almost robotic tweets about business MIS systems and marketing schlock that is extremely sterile and dry.

The last heard they put him on strong sedatives and the poop obsessed man-child dissolved into the ether.

I hope he is at least making smart economic choices now. He is very intelligent ad has a MBA. I predict a crippling mid-life crisis for him if he doesn’t find a strong woman or a good therapist