What’s playing in your car?


My 4-year-old grandson used to say “play wiggles” and I’d have to say that’s just in Gummy’s car.

We generally turn off the music and have lively conversations instead… but he gets SO MUCH music at home. His dad and mom are musicians and practice all the time singing the praise music they play at church. He knows all the words and sings along too loud. And of course he adds his own special choreography.


There are a great many things for which I feel ashamed. This is not one of them.


I’m just kidding. I’m a glutton for punishment so stuff like that is fun for me.


you all should listen! my wife is on a podcast for the 2nd time in a couple months :slight_smile:


Just saw this thread! I too do a lot of focused listening in the car; lately it’s been the new album Heroes from The Midnight. It came out on Sept 9; one of my favorites:

Also the new Butch Walker record, Butch Walker as… Glenn. Hard to choose a favorite there, but probably the last song:

These albums have been the soundtrack to exploring my new hometown in MD