Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


We watched the first half of Squid Game with overdubs and the second half with subtitles and it was a dramatically different series.

The overdub for the main character sounded like Rob Schneider in an Adam Sandler film. It didn’t help that he kind of looks like a Korean cousin of Schneider. At any rate, it switched from a really dark comedy to what it was intended to be very quickly.

I learned my lesson from that one… Never watch anything not made by Americans :wink:


I haven’t watched that because it will only make me crave squid and I really can’t get that around here.


Fresh batch of pickled eggs.


i can’t do the overdubs. i much prefer subtitles




Nice! I am planning on making a batch tonight


Steve’s mom gave us an air fryer.
I’m late to the game I guess, I still use my oven.

I’m trying out one piece of chicken to start.


I love this, let me know how it goes. My husband always jokes that an air fryer is literally a tiny oven.


It worked really well.
My chicken got cooked though, stayed juicy on the inside, and got crispy on the outside with no oil.

I’m going to try other things before I make my mind up.

If it can make potatoes taste like fried potatoes with no oil I will be pretty psyched.


I saw that it’s the perfect way to make pumpkin seeds which, of course, is hardly seasonal right now. :grimacing:


I used mine for a steak a few times and was surprised at how well it turned out. Timing is a little tricky but it works well.


Air fryer chicken is some of the best I’ve ever made.

That’s interesting about steak, @WillieCash

I learned I’m not much of a red meat guy. My 11 year old son and I got a leg of lamb for Easter and…it’s probably going to take weeks for us to finish it. And that’s lamb and not even steak.

I got fish and chicken energy, red meat makes me feel sluggish. TMI.


That’s your microbiome talking to you.


Had a health scare in January and have drastically changed my diet and added in a lot of exercise and feel so much better. I went from basically no exercise and eating what can generously be described as “food” to fish, chicken, veggies, and fruit along with walking about 20-25 miles a week and dropped 21 pounds in a month.

I didn’t realize how bad my eating had been and how great it would feel to change it. My diet was never stellar, but over the course of the pandemic it slowly got worse and worse. I’m hardly eating any red meat now but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sneak in a small steak or some carne asada now and again.


Sounds like Willie’s microbiome was possessed by Ralphie May.

Glad you’re on the white meat again, Wilhelm.


I had my first batch of homemade milk kefir today. I flavored it with vanilla extract and a little maple syrup. Super good! I need my grains to grow so I can make more….


We’ve been hard on the fermentation kick… today we had the sauerkraut my husband put together on hard rolls with butter and salami, SUPER GOOD. He batched Kimchi today. I’ve been making milk kefir daily. I’m about to try subbing out the greek yogurt in our overnight oats with it… the grains have finally activated enough to make two cups of milk a day within 24 hours. Today we made overnight oats with this recipe, and they were AMAZING:

-1/4 cup water
-1/2 cup oatmeal
-1/2 cup greek yogurt (full fat)
-1 tsp chia seeds
-1 tsp honey

Put in a sealed container overnight. Stir in 1 tsp lemon curd before eating.

SO GOOD. Goddamn. The greek yogurt is just the perfect compliment to lemon.



Mmm McDonald’s