Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


South Korean McDonald’s serve kimchi burgers. North Korea, not so much, just unhappy meals prepared by quarter pounders.


I’m now able to use exactly the amount of milk kefir I’m making daily as a sub for both the Greek yogurt and water in this recipe and the texture is perfect.


Got some in the fridge for tomorrow morning, and lemon curd on standby (that’s been in our fridge for years so may have to skip that part!)

Ill let you know how I go on :blush:


Bloody excellent that! That might be my regular breakfast


I’m so glad you liked it! I’m pretty excited myself with the hot weather coming where I am. So nice to have something tasty that I don’t have to cook.


Totally agree, it’s like free breakfast with all the work done night before!


Also the over a year out of date lemon curd seems to be fine :joy:


I love lemon curd, and lime curd. And curds.


I wasn’t a fan through most my adult life, think my ma used to give me lemon curd tarts and egg custard tarts when I was poorly as a kid so might be some association.

Saf is so right though, bloody brilliant with the greek yoghurt and touch of honey. We used Mexican orange blossom honey for this one.


I need to try this and SAF needs her own food truck.


My Kefir grains are growing so alarmingly fast and I’m having such a hard time interesting anyone in a daily commitment to drink fermented milk that I decided to just see if they tasted good. Day one I had a little grain of rice sized bit, tasted good. The next day I had a spoonful. I can safely say I’m now having invasive thoughts about eating kefir grains, they’re one of the weirdest and best things I’ve ever eaten. Someone was saying that their mom used to use them as cheese on tacos because she couldn’t get rid of them, I was like THAT. IS. GENIUS.


Salt and vinegar potato chip and milk chocolate chunk cookies. Pretty good!!! I chopped up Cadbury Dairy Milk for them.


Dang, sounds really good. Lucky fam.


Cardamom might be my favorite spice on oatmeal. Didn’t realize how expensive it was, something like $104 a #


It’s finally grilling season here so we’ve been making beer brats to top with raw onions and my husband’s sauerkraut. Can’t wait for the first Heidelberger of the season. Unnnf.


Fuck me, that looks incredible


Thanks ….my mouth is literally watering



Usually my first meal in St Pete.

The best Chicken Parm sandwich I’ve ever had.