Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


Rosemary Olive Oil Bread :drooling_face:


the missus made halibut ceviche last night. holy shit i love ceviche.


I made chocolate and peanut butter bars for my youngest’s birthday this past weekend. They were amazing.


I made these tonight and they were AMAZING!!!

I saw her make them on tv this weekend and had to try them! I had to order elote seasoning online bc I couldn’t find at the grocery.

If you like pineapple and spicy food I highly recommend!


Gotta Yooper Pepper from my daughter’s trip up north.


… and adding to the monkey spank bank.


Pretty much


Just a heads up, if you scroll to the bottom of the hellofresh website they actually post all their recipes for free. This is a creamy lemon chicken dill soup from the Mediterranean section. Would definitely make this again!


That looks yummy. Share the recipe here?


Here ya go!


Need to work on my shaping but they tasted good

Also made homemade donner kebabs that went well…


Is is salty enough?


Oh aye. Sure is :wink:


Birthday brownies for my friend at work.
We will do a taste test tonight.


I have something real special for you guys. We’ve been making this Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Cream Cheese and Chicken Vegetable soup for over a decade and last week I had a brainwave that it would make the perfect base for a spicy seafood chowder. My husband put this together and totally knocked it out of the park. Enjoy!


Edit: he forgot to mention that when you add the base broths to also put in two cups of water. Happy cooking! :stew:


Any of you good people used one of these? Are they worth it? Can pick one up for about £30 here and I’m intrigued…


I had a friend who did, said they had good results. They mostly used it to smoke salmon as they were pescatarian.


Thanks, yeah that’ll be high on my list to try early. Love hot smoked salmon. Then likely a fair bit of wild game, duck, rabbit and the like.


I’ve got a few friends that can salmon. Stuff is pretty tasty.

They are picking their dad’s brain on how to do all the canning he does. Jams, preserves, hot mustard, stewed tomatoes and tomato juice. He also does a few variations on pickles.


Gingerbread and molasses cookies with eggnog frosting and nutmeg.