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The molasses and the sugar keep them chewy inside. :slight_smile:


Can I like this twice?


no. but we can like your post twice and that’s almost the same.


For lunch with arugula instead of Italian parsley:

So easy & delicious :heart:


For lunch - another easy, delicious recipe.


I want to make this:


We call that apple crumble in these parts. It’s very good


I’ve made something similar too but never tried her recipe.

Some nice vanilla ice cream on top will be key.


We always opt for a crisp (crumble?) over a pie at Thanksgiving. Close enough to not feel like you’re missing out, but 1/3 of the work and none of the pressure. :slight_smile:


Plus unless the crust is a little crispy I am not into it.

At thanksgiving my sister in law’s mother always makes pies from scratch: pumpkin and apple. I eat the apple but it always seems under done to me.


My partner’s birthday today, cooked up Scottish Red Deer loin, boulanger potatoes, green beans, tenderstem broccoli with a redcurrant, rosemary and red wine jus.

Melt in the mouth :grin:


I make something like this but I like this recipe better. Thank you.


That looks like some yummy venison tenderloin.


I’d just like to point out how much I have grown by not once immaturely bringing up the ingredient “clam juice”


And it looks amazing…


Jerk chicken, rice, sweet potatoes and carrots


My husband crisping up the skin before it starts cooking in earnest for the next few hours. :exploding_head: