Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


Um, that looks more like a moose knuckle to me.


i hope you fucked it!!!


Is this a still from an unfinished Cronenberg movie?


It’s a Georgia O’Keeffe.


I added some of my own glaze.






and added a bit of butter & balsamic vinegar to cut the acidity from the tomatoes.


I usually add a dash of sugar to deal with the tomatoes, would you say that that is a wise choice or neanderthal antics?


wise. need to cut that acid.

i’m so old these days i have to carefully choose my meals…tomatoes and garlic are limited for me.


Very wise, IMO.
I always add a little bit of sugar but not too much or else the sauce gets sugary. That’s why I’ll use the balsamic vinegar first and then round it out with the sugar.
And this time I added a little bit of red wine that I had leftover from the night before. :wine_glass: :wink:

Btw, have you tried chocolate ice cream with finishing salt? Like Maldon salt? It’s delicious!


we love maldon salt
on ice cream and in your espresso!!! just a pinch


Meanwhile back at the ranch I spent an exhaustive hours long OCD search pinpointing how McDonalds buys their salt and which unregulated food service salt they more than likely buy by the pallet from Morton’s over 200 varieties, and eventually ended up with two three gallon drums of Morton’s commercial popcorn salt that I now put on every single thing. But here’s the cool thing, I no longer want to eat McDonald’s. I’d rather have toast (because it has McDonald’s salt on it). POTs is hilarious.



Will give that a good old fashion try! I like salty caramel ice cream. And I use sea salt every chance I get. Among other things, I think some sea salt on ginger marmelade on a cheese sandwich hits the spot,


There’s definitely salt on this.


People! I’ve got to know!

Which is your thing?

Or French Toast?


For breakfast? Full English, no substitution.


French toast. With maple syrup. Probably another thing I can’t have anymore soon. Getting old sucks.


As a vehicle for maple syrup, pancakes come out on top for me. If it’s more of a fruit and whipped cream deal, any of these are welcome, I am not in the least particular.