Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


I definitely would go with Pancakes.



I love them all and have fantastic recipes for all

If we r going Belgian then I must insist my wife’s version with either whip cream and berries or butter and powder sugar with a squeeze of lemon juice

French toast I love em all but a homemade banana bread turned into French toast is divine

And pancakes…the thin crispy edges kind, not rib stickers


Waffes, every third go, french toast. Pancakes only when the other two are unavailable.



I once made Stroganoff with Venison and Morel Mushrooms. It was glorious.


sounds like a wet dream @Monkey once had.


All of the above


Grilled cheese recipe from Chef with Jon Favreau :yum:




Cream cheese chicken and vegetable soup with black olive focaccia.


Vegetable Beef Barley on the stove.

First time making in the Dutch oven I got for Christmas.



I love mapo tofu.


Looks amazing!!




Settle down girl, settle down.


Winter is when I catch up on my cooking. I can’t do any gardening or photography so cooking keeps me busy and it’s great because I love to cook.
Come March, the plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and the flowers in my garden will start to bloom and I’ll be busy with photography and gardening so I’ll stop posting in this thread. :wink:


General rule.