Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


so i talked to heather we’re coming to japan just so you can make us dinners :slight_smile:


I’ll be waiting for you guys with my santoku knife sharpened and ready to go! :muscle:


Aw man if you’re pulling out the knives I wanna come too.




My granddaughter says”more yummus please”.





They just closed both shops suddenly. Sad.


Oh, that’s too bad! At least we’ve got their egg salad recipe here so we can still enjoy that.


we are sooooo making this. thank you!


Does anyone have the full recipe? I can’t see it without signing up for a paper or something?


If you’re using Safari, just use reader view.



Here’s a different version, similar to the one that Anthony Bourdain liked from Lawson’s, a Japanese convenience store.

Actually, looking at the two photos, the one on top looks more like the 7/11 egg sandwich and the bottom one looks more like the Konbi egg sandwich.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:




I mean, this hardly counts, but if you find me to be an overachiever, perhaps this will be welcome…

We have breakfast bowls about three times a week. You can use a sheet pan to bake hash brown patties and vegan sausage (because I’m having it so often, and you gotta watch that cholesterol in my family), while you scramble eggs with cheese in the cast iron. Put it all together in a bowl with some ketchup and DILL mustard and you got it made. Wonderful if you’re craving le American cheeseburger, because we all know it’s more about the ketchup-mustard-pickles than the burger itself.

Do any of you yahoos make your own mustard? I want to start in 2023.


ketchup? yuck…how about some hot sauce, yo!!