Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


You’re giving me second hand embarrassment, my whole family of in-laws have built their whole personalities on hating ketchup. Guys. Open a goddamn book. (I’m not being disloyal, my husband is annoyed by this too.)


I’m being uncharitable. They also like Star Wars and Scotland.


i love all things scotland…like i think about scotland at least a couple times a week since we were there in 2002.

i think ketchup belongs on fries…and that’s about it…i don’t even put on hashbrowns/homefries…hot sauce yo


I’ve got a friend that makes homemade mustard. His might have a little honey in it, it is creamy like honey mustard. He’s 90 years old and does a lot of canning. Albert is a little cantankerous though…


Agree with this, I like ketchup with chips (fries) and on a hot dog along with mustard but find it off putting with almost anything else.


I like my fries sans ketchup. But with extra salt. :thinking: I frankly don’t put ketchup on much, it has more to do with stacking flavors than anything else.


yes! always extra salt.

now, sweet potato fries…gotta go w/ the malt vinegar drizzle


Damn, homie. Damn.


I’d get along with Albert.


I like my fries with mayo.

I don’t have fries often.


mayo on fries is nice…but fry sauce is nicer.


Chipotle garlic mayo


hell ya.


Swazz a little lemon juice in it just before eating as well


I make a mayo based sauce in quantity and leave it in the fridge. It’s improvisational, but includes mayo, Mexican hot sauce (whatever one I bought, currently Valentina), a ‘red’ element–gochujang or ketchup or whatever I have–and a little vinegar or pickle relish. And a dash of Tajin.


That sounds fit


Tajin makes almost anything better


As does this


Yes, I am a chili crisp fan. Just a little bit and the whole flavor envelope expands.