Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread



I should get that one for my wife, she loves cookbooks.


I baked my first pumpernickel.


Our gardens growing, so we were able to have a fresh salad. We also decided to have a fish fry with some white bass my husband caught yesterday. imageimage


I cooked a boneless turkey breasts on the grill and they turned out really good. Never had turkey steak before.


Oh that’s interesting! We have a few wild turkey breasts in the freezer. I wonder if that’d be an idea for them, or if it’d be too tough.

We’ve wrapped turkey breast in bacon before and threw it in the smoker. It’s not bad that way.


From my experience, wild turkeys are much tougher (all dark meat) and need to be cooked for a long time. My friend’s dad turkey hunts and he makes great turkey soup with them, but might not be the best on the grill. Seems like low heat for a long time works best according to him.