Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


I’m not very good at cooking. I mean, if I follow instructions as I do it I do okay but I don’t have a knack for it in general.

That being said, this was the year for eating/cooking at home for obvious reason. And I tried a George Foreman grill for the first time like a month ago and now I wonder how I’ve lived this long without one. Also very seriously researching air fryer ovens. :slight_smile:


get the breville. you’ll thank me later.


Do they have a larger capacity one? I’ve been looking and the ones that review well for a decent price have been dinky.


not too sure. but i can tell you the one we have is perfect for most anything we use it for.

start small and go big if you know you like it?


Wowch! Yeah, I’m not made of stimulus checks. I’m not spending $300 on a countertop appliance.


I always thought a stimulus check was someone’s hand on your thigh.


Been doing a lot of salt/sugar cured salmon and using it for poke bowls. Could not tell you the last time I put a piece of salmon to heat.


How do you get your salmon so it’s safe? Do you live where you can get it fresh? Freeze it? How, sempai???


I do not live near salmon anymore, so I just buy it at the grocery store. With 48 hours packed in a 50/50 salt/sugar cure, it isn’t cooked per se, but is safe to eat for close to a week.

Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


We ordered Poke Fish on Christmas Day in Ann Arbor for our dinner and it was tremendous. I custom made my bowl with yellow fin and salmon.

Here’s their menu.


At 8:15pm I asked my best girl friend if she’d ever made sushi at home. She said she had and that she’d never even bothered with a mat, it turned out fine. Inspired by her encouragement, I made impromptu kappa rolls for the first time. I just so happened to have sushi rice, nori, and rice vinegar (Along with sugar and salt) in my house. They’re not very pretty, but damn! They tasted great! I just used Saran Wrap to roll them. I’m going to get a mat now and try to get better at this!


Not sure if there are any bread machine enthusiasts about, but I just put together this dill bread:

1/2 Cup Water
1 Large Egg
4 oz. Cream Cheese at room temp, cut into pieces
2 tablespoons unsalted butter at room temp cut into pieces

3 1/4 Cups Bread Flour
1 Tablespoon Gluten
1/3 Cup Chopped Yellow Onion
1/4 Cup Chopped fresh Dill

2 Teaspoons SAF yeast or 2 1/2 teaspoons bread machine yeast
Use basic cycle, medium crust, Makes 1 1/2 Pound Loaf

And we’re making this soup, I found this recipe in 2013 and have made it many times. I usually add fresh dill to this one too.



Around here when we’re not eating cream cheese and green olives on toast, we’re mowing down on Doritos and Peanut M&Ms. I finished the 40 serving jar of olives this morning, send help.



sounds like our house.


Not very pretty but here’s my second try making sushi at home. This is crab, avocado, cucumber, and sesame seeds. :sushi:


Looks brilliant. We’re making a shrimp ramen.



Edit: Here’s the beer cheese soup recipe we use. We use Alaskan Amber in it.


Yes, please.


Those look delish.