Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


Tuna melt bell peppers 🫑


fuck, that looks great.



not for me. almost made me gag.


has anyone ever made one of these???

looks nasty.


Smoked pork chops & some cheddar & bacon potatoes.


I only really grocery shop for the 9 days that Ryan is here. He thinks that I’m health conscious. Kids are so dumb.


i just wanted to say i didn’t mean to be mean about your dish.

i have an aversion to all things tuna…especially hot tuna.

hope i didn’t upset you.


Oh, it’s okay, Balv, I wasn’t offended. I was curious though. I thought maybe the bell peppers. I’m making tuna on cucumber slices later today, I’ll make sure not to post them, ahaha. Right now I’m having peanut butter cup oatmeal, which is oatmeal with cocoa powder, chopped dates, peanut butter, salt, and some walnuts. :slight_smile:


you and my oldest daughter would be besties. she makes this stuff all the time.

she opens a can of tuna…and i leave. i know enough to not comment/shame anymore…it’s the smell

this is coming from a guy that lived on canned albacore for a year in my 20’s…i worked construction…my lunch would consist of tuna w/ mustard and mayo and pickles.


and you can post all the pics you want!!! don’t let a dork like me stop you


I seriously believe the pouches are worth the markup to not have to drain tuna oil into your sink and smell up your whole house. We’re back on that low carb, no added sugar bullshit. With my last pregnancy we tested positive for Group B Strep and my midwife at the time told me it was 9000% because of my sugary cereal habit. It’s okay, life doesn’t need joy, right? But it’s going to be -9 on Friday, so we’re cheating and getting McDonald’s breakfast burritos on the way from dropping my daughter off at school. Something to look forward to!


A tuna melt is a glorious thing. But I prefer bread. Not a fan of stuffed peppers or tomatoes, or anything really. Except bread.


I love Chili Rellenos and make them fairly often.

My recipe is mixing chorizo and rice with spices into the peppers and then making a kind of casserole for them to sit in.

I’m kind of with balv on his aversion to cooked tuna though.


Yeah, cooked tinned tuna is gash.


A chili relleno is an exception to my stuffed items dislike. Mostly because of the thickness of the chili; the flavor, and very importantly, the breading.

Jalapeno poppers are also yums.


i love chili rellenos!!!


Pro tip–bread them twice to prevent cheese blowouts in the fryer. Slice. Stuff with cheese/chorizo. flour/egg wash/breading. Freeze for 24 hours. Remove from freezer, then flour/egg wash/breading again. Refrigerate. Then cook.


Or use sloppy wet breading, but I prefer dry/crisp.


I typically bake these in the oven without breading the peppers. I like the idea of deep frying these, but I’ve cut most fried foods out of my diet.

I made stuffed Hungarian peppers a few months back and they were delish.


I dredge my poppers in flour, then milk, dry, dunk in milk, panko, dry, dunk in milk, panko. Those fuckers are bullet proof.