Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread





Poot Roost


Are you health conscious? Just kidding!


You should chew your food more.


taste the rainbow!


These pretzels are perfect. No easy feat.


Curing some salmon for a poke bowl thing.


I’m making some box-mix strawberry cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and my wedding anniversary. Going to put dark chocolate frosting and sprinkles on them. I usually do a box mix on my birthday and save the elaborate baking for my husband and daughter. My house smells sooooo niiiiiiiice right now. :strawberry::birthday:



These pretzels are making me thirsty.


Okay only good valentine’s thing. Happy belated birthday saf. I’d eat the hell out of that cupcake.


Thank you! <3


Yeah Happy Birthday :birthday:


happy belated @saf


Good job being born!

(You’re new here, everyone gets one of these).


Yes, hope you had a good birthday… even though having a birthday in the middle of the winter when you live in the tundra like me isn’t always ideal.