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The other day I went to see my mom and she gave me a dish of what she called “rhubarb syrup,” and it was just amazing. You could use it to top pancakes, cheesecake, ice cream, or just eat it like apple sauce. The recipe is easy and there’s not even that much sugar in it for how amazing it is.

4 cups chopped rhubarb (just cut the stalks like you cut celery for soup)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 water

Bring the water and sugar to a boil, add the rhubarb, boil for 15 minutes. That’s it!

We’re making rhubarb oatmeal cookies with cream cheese frosting tomorrow. If they’re good, I’ll link the recipe. Happy rhubarb season!


Do you strain out the rhubarb after cooking? Or puree it? Or leave chunky?


You leave it chunky, but it’s so mushy at that point you can really only see the chunks versus being able to feel them on your tongue.


Wellllll, I made these but they aren’t good enough to proliferate the recipe. The cookies are dry and bland on their own, the recipe was inexact and contradicted itself, and the cream cheese frosting had to be doctored to be worth the calories.


Few things are as disappointing as a cookie fail. I bought a slice of ‘pride cake’ from the grocery store, very nice rainbow cake with white icing. It was awful. Just bland cake and that terrible sugar icing they use on flat cakes for office parties. It was a sad night, when the dessert I had so looked forward to I had one bite of and threw out.


I feel like this is a real sign of responsible adulthood… not just making yourself finish a garbage food item on principle, but making sure it’s worth the spike in cholesterol, sluggishness, blood sugar, calories. If I take a bite out of a donut and it’s stale, I’m not going to continue… there are better places to splurge!

My real conundrum with these cookies is how to store them… she says to put them in an air tight container or freeze them, but the icing is thick and soft, so I’m not sure how to put so many cookies in so many layers without making a total mess of them.

I’m sure that, like all baked goods, these will be much, much better when accompanied by a cup of black coffee. Sorry about your cake!


We had this for supper tonight, one of my favorites… the name is so long that we call it “Christmas Pasta” because it’s red and green. I’m loving the weather so much today, I have all the windows open and we’ve been using the oven non-stop. Wonderful fall-like day.



I have been craving a dish just like that. Went to a restaurant tonight and their pasta feature was a chicken pesto–which is not what I was after. That looks yum.


made peanut butter cookies last night after dinner.

going on a big overnighter 20 mile float for our birthday buddy this weekend…

I’ll make him Monster Cookies (they’re amazing and the recipe is flourless!!!)

and then for dinner I am making smash burgers with out homemade special sauce.
charcuterie for when we get off the river at the campsite

For dessert will be fireside smores but with a twist…a lemon meringue pie smores…you take your graham cracker and spread lemon curd on both sides and then take your golden brown marshmallow and eat that fucker

for breakfast will be Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberries and syrup…and mimosas…OJ and prosecco
and bacon.


Listen, Balv, I also have a birthday at some point in the year. Can I be your birthday buddy?



you got it.

do you have any dietary restrictions?


By the time February rolls around, no, I’ll be free and clear to do everything I’ve already been doing behind my doctor’s back. Ahahahaha.


hahaha :slight_smile:
i’ll be ready for ya


This is half Simply Lemonade, half ice cold water, ice, frozen blueberries, muddled fresh lavender and a few cucumber slices.


you had me at This


This looks heavenly. Thank you.


We throw a lot of food waste into the yard because otherwise we have to take our trash to the dump and we don’t do it every day so we avoid insects and rodents by keeping perishable food waste outside.

Result being…peach tree! Totally new this year. Probably 3-4 dozen peaches already. I saw the blossoms in the spring and just assumed it was a cherry tree.


That’s wonderful!