Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


We do the same. I like watching the possum come in at night to see what we put out on the buffet. Awesome about the peaches.


The sweltering weather finally broke here, so I’m making a cherry tart using fresh cherries ($1.50 a pound right now, I love stone fruit season!!!) in the cast iron skillet today. We’re having stuff salmon for supper. I’ll share recipes and photos if things go well.


This was a random postcard I got to my house, but sounded pretty good… we made a few mods to it, split the stuff between two bigger filets instead of four ways. We used 3 large garlic cloves instead of 1, and we did about half of the basil (because we’d just used most of ours up from the garden on spaghetti…). This was restaurant quality food for sure! We would make it again.

Tart turned out beautifully. I used this recipe for pie crust, and I only made a half batch: https://www.lodgecastiron.com/recipe/basic-pie-dough

And I used this recipe for the filling… I did use the optional almond extract, I would advise to skip it, it’s very dominant and takes away from the fresh cherries… if you’re going to do anything, add more lemon juice or even a little lemon zest and lessen the sugar. I ended up with two cups of left over filling, Yesssssss. https://www.mybakingaddiction.com/homemade-cherry-pie-filling-recipe/

I used my #4 Griswold, 350 degrees for exactly 1 hour.
Edit: forgot to mention that I brushed it with a beaten egg and sprinkled blonde sugar on it, that’s how I got the nice glaze on it.



Looks incredible!


I would buy and eat the lot of those…


We tried a new lemon-scallop-mushroom pasta. I am obsessed with all these things, but my husband is lukewarm so he cooks a different recipe every time. This time it wasn’t it either, so I won’t link the recipe. We had it with rosemary and olive oil bread, and I had three sips of Sauvignon blanc, but in a glass for a sense of….occasion. As much occasion as you can evoke when eating over someone’s head.


It’s not cooking as you only need to pour milk. But, it’s that time of year!! The Monster cereals are stocked in my local super market!! General Mills only puts them out for a couple months leading up to Halloween for the last several years.



Cold cereal is my favorite kind of cooking.


Cap n crunch berries for me tonight!!!