Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


We’ll have Rutabaga, which I dice into half inch squares and boil. Then I dust with flour after stirring in about a quarter stick of butter. Salt and pepper and viola!

Leftovers go into my mother-in-laws traditional U.P. pasty recipe.


We did these two recipes for Thanksgiving. I always make a crisp instead of a pie; I think they are just as good (if not better) and a hell of a lot less work.


I skipped the nutmeg in the sweet potatoes since it was listed as optional and there was nutmeg in the crisp. We stirred the left over sweet potatoes into oatmeal the next morning and that was amazing too! :slight_smile:


Paneer, green bean and chick pea madras


that looks amazing! i love indian food


So the 40 cloves of garlic chicken was, like, merely okay. I would say for the money and prep and amount of dishes you could make something that’s just as good with much less of everything. It was neat finding out that boiling the garlic makes it so easy to peel though, and my husband is now super inspired to make more boozy pan sauces.

We accidentally discovered that this one is super good if you forget the lemon. This is coming from someone who will go out of their way to eat lemon anything.


Looks good, though for something that requires no pre cooking anything beforehand and is a one dish recipe there seems to be some pre cooking going on in a different pan!


Considering she runs a website called “Eat Yourself Skinny” and the portion sizes therein, she is obviously an unreliable narrator. But this recipe is A+. We make it weekly now, sans lemon. A further suggestion, especially if you’re feeding kiddos is to make sure to cut your broccoli and chicken into small pieces.


Nice one, will try that Saf. Yeah, the cheese and cream not so skinny either :rofl:


Porchetta pork steaks and curry lamb cutlets, mash and steamed brussel sprouts


I didn’t get a pic, but I made a 17 lb brisket in the oven. It’s my go to for hosting family events with our families. It was the biggest one yet - and turned out perfectly despite it being a minimal effort dish (dry rub, so long uncovered, throw in a little stock and low and slow until done). Paired it with cheesy corn from a local bbq place and made some twice baked potatoes. Served a hazelnut chocolate stout cake for dessert. We also had way too many cured meats and cheeses and veggies for snacking.

Fortunate enough to get together with most of our family. My FIL is In his 80s and battling a blood cancer. All households tested for the covid and have been boosted. Very very grateful for the holiday this year. Last year my parents and teenage brothers were In quarantine with covid, my MIL had just recovered, FIL was in the ICU with covid, and brother in law and his family were waiting on results from their tests due to being under the weather.


Yakitori, Tongue, Wings and assorted Veg on the Charcoal last night.


i’m coming over!


I’ll give you some notice for next time !


make your own.


Yum yum yummmy.

I’d like to try that, I’m a pretty good roller.


fucking yummo!

what time should i be over? can i bring my wife too?


Yes Sir , around 6.15 !


Aburi Salmon with Shiso and crispy Salmon skin. Courtesy of my wife😘


i could live off crispy salmon skin. shit is unreal


Girls day here yesterday (Japanese celebrations) So the wife made special deserts and we had fresh Salmon/Tuna Shiso Dombori thing a me jig!