Whatcha' cookin'? - Eats thread


Is it weird that I don’t like cereal? Never have.


That looks incredible!


Tasted alright too !!


Very weird, yes.


have you had a bowl of capncrunch berries?


Like maybe 40 years ago. I think I probably still know how it tastes.


Would love this, living in the middle of the UK though it’s tough to get fish you’d trust raw


I made ginger cookies today and let me tell you, folks, not every person is suited to drafting recipes for posting on the internet. The dingbat who posted my recipe listed dark brown sugar in the ingredients but never tells you to add it. She also just said ginger as though ginger doesn’t come in three common formats. Luckily I had looked at enough ginger cookie recipes to know that I needed to slightly shape the cookies and to undercook them so they can finish cooking on the pan for chewy insides and crispy outsides. After six or seven amendments, and one tray of salty cookies (no brown sugar), they came out great and I would absolutely make them again.

Husbando got me the Cookies : New Classics book, so Iet the baking season begin!





Here’s this too


Let me know if you get to a chocolate chip recipe that must be shared. :yum:


I know for sure the book features a chocolate covered oatmeal cookie that I’m definitely wanting to read more about! Yummmmm.


those look lovely!


My mother-in-law used to be obsessed with ginger snap cookies. She’d also drink Vernors ginger ale. All that reminds me of her.


I love ginger snaps with Alaskan Amber…. They compliment each other amazingly!


you’re not wrong :slight_smile:


These are a chocolate chip cookie bar with almost a cup of malted milk powder in them. Not super pretty and oddly difficult to make considering. They taste pretty good though, and it made a TON so I can freeze some of the batch.




Chickpea, kale, and fennel sausage soup with herbed focaccia.