What's everybody doing for Xmas? & gift idea!


So monkey brought up a good topic the other day in gmail chat …trying to figure out what it is the fuck we buy the kids, parents, and spouses/bfs or whomever

having xmas at our house again this year and the folks will come down…have the wife’s cousin and his gal over too and usually 2-3 other families come and visit and we eat and play a card game…like Dutch Blitz!!! (you know you wanna google it)

anyways, prime rib, yorkshire pudding, homemade gravy from scratch, rosemary garlic mash, home made buns/rolls, some type of green veg (usually grilled asparagus) and then a giant fucking carrot cake w/ orange zest cream cheese frosting.

thinking about getting Monkey this for xmas…think he’ll like it?



If I’m not dead from alcohol poisoning I don’t know what I’ll be doing as of now.


dying in your suit pajamas while making a breakfast sandwich

it’s like a sore dick!


merry xmas!


Christmas will be different this year. We don’t have my stepson on Christmas day, so our Christmas at home with the kids gets pushed back two days. That sucks. But on Christmas day we will be splitting the time between my family and my wife’s.

This is what I want…


Lego sets for the 9 & 12 year old brothers. Nothing for my parents aside from some craft beer or a decent bottle of wine (they requested no gifts), I wanted to just “buy” animals for my stepdads parents & sister through heifer international or Oxfam. They’re very comfortable and don’t need anything.

Babydoll & books for my boyfriends youngest and then a board game or 2 we can all play together and some books for the oldest (6).

Balv - any suggestions for the boyfriend? He’s a lawyer who loves hunting (I’ve eaten so much deer since we’ve started dating) and reloading bullets is his hobby when he has time.


Gluten fart noise cancelling headphones



gaiters are always a nice thing to have as a hunter

or see if he has a nice set of binoculars

wool socks are cool

or look at a dehydrator so you can make him make you jerky


wow nick

hope santa gets that for you


anybody else?


I think I’m going to skip going to BF’s family and just watch TV this Christmas! :slight_smile: :wink:
nah, I’ll go to the family dinner at Steve’s Aunt’s house. She is awesome and we love her. There will be a few kiddies and 2-3 dogs and 2 cats there. It’s always a pretty low key evening. I will probably make a chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake! Yum.


love sour cream cakes and pies …anything like that!!!

yay is right


I’ve asked Santa for some new Grado headphones. Not the mega money ones but the £90 ones!
Finishing up work this Friday and not back until the New Year.
Apart from going to watch a game of football with my Dad and a restaurant trip, there’s nothing else in the diary other than sitting on my arse.
I’ve been stockpiling food and drink for weeks, which I know is stupid but I worry about the shops selling out of things like cheese or bottles of gin, which would obviously ruin Christmas.


My wife’s brother and his fiancé are coming out from Japan on the 22nd, so are doing a few things with them, on Saturday going to the local Markets for brekky and then to Lone Pine which is a nature park where you can hang out with some Roo’s and get a photo holding a Koala, shit like that, We are going up to Ma and Pa’s on Xmas morning at Caloundra for xmas feed(oysters and prawns and fish on the barbie). Then I;m back to work on Boxing Day . . .


naturally. :wink: :sunny:


Finally have it figured out! Christmas Eve afternoon with my stepdads family, church that night with my parents/staying the night there, Christmas morning and breakfast at my parents. Leave at noon, pick up my boyfriends kids, and then we’ll be spending the afternoon/evening with his brother, sis in law, and parents.

I am so excited to hang out with little kids getting to open presents. 2 & 6 - still believe in santa! They’ll be so excited!


did you shag the roommate’s boyfriend so she’ll move out?


She moved out without a shag! All I had to do was start asking her to do stuff around the house… like pickup after herself! My guest room is getting set up now!


i’m getting my mom this pic on a canvas poster board for xmas.

my bro and i in 1993 at the old busch stadium.


so cute! :slight_smile:



miss him terribly right now.

his middle boy just turned 7