What's everybody doing for Xmas? & gift idea!


My Christmas plans have changed. Just found out Bf’s Aunt who we love will be in Florida. And now we are going over his mom’s house instead and I am cooking the dinner bc she is a terrible cook…oh well. They requested spaghetti and meat sauce and it’s not that hard to make and I can make it the day before…

More importantly: the Ravens/Steelers game is on at 4:30 and we need the win bad!!!


I’m sure Christmas isn’t easy on any of you. :frowning:
Hope you get to see his kids at least…
Seeing you is hopefully somewhat comforting for them.
I know I’m not a kid, but seeing my dad’s brother once a year when I’m home is always a priority for me bc he reminds me so much of my Dad.


Today was awesome at work. We had a pizza party/celebration for our clients and I also made Oreo balls/truffles for all 70 clients. They are so kind and sweet and pitched in and bought us all Xmas cards and signed them. I posted mine on my fridge.

We also had music, which included a local singer named Jeremy Pinnell (if you’re into class country or sad bastard music, check him out, he’s amazingly talented) and I also played some Xmas songs as well as a couple originals. They loved it all.

I’m so glad to be able to spend the holidays with those who appreciate every little kind gesture made. I love my clients so much.


Merry Xmas 8,22am 25-12-16 , Moorooka QLD Australia


omg she’s so adorable!! :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to Australia!! :christmas_tree:


6:45 PM Christmas Eve, Louisville, KY:
we are grilling steaks for dinner and watching Christmas episodes of The Cleveland Show!
My cat is drinking tree water, as she’s been doing every day since we set up the tree.



Thanks, Lb, Merry Xmas xo(or Boxing Day as it is here : )




Took the 4k TV back. Too big. Too real looking.

Got a 40" lg and had it professionally wall mounted. Pocketed the 250$ difference. I’m happy.


Super exciting gifts this year. I find the older I get the more boring the things I ask for are. My parents got me a weed eater/edger and a Bookshelf for my living room. My boyfriend got me motion sensor battery operated flood lights that he’ll be mounting around the outside of my house, a dog hair seat cover for my car, and then those safety glasses/ear protection muffs to wear at the shooting range - in pink! Although, those were more of a gift for him, so I could join him at the shooting range occasionally.

I got him a reloading something or the other. No idea what it was, he just showed it to me on amazon so I got it.


Well at least your parents got you something to help you cultivate weed.


A lady leaving our company, who wasn’t with us that long, got me these cool coasters before Christmas. As well as gifts for others on the team.

These coasters work for beer as well as coffee, so you know, if not better