Where the fuck is egg?

  • Is he really on vacation?
  • Recovering from the sex change operation?
  • In Texas putting on a surprise party for Monkey?
  • Did he get sick of monkey, balv and mrgay’s shenanigans?
  • Chicago Cubs will beat the Indians in the world series again?

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Toss off, dude. Egg LOVES me.


Perhaps the innernets was a distraction for him and he’s taking his wifi free holiday as a segue into forumlessness.


It’s been more than a month. :confused:


I got an invite to Monkey’s surprise party! Yay!


Enjoy your party


When egg comes back, I have two questions I’d like to ask him:

  1. Why did you choose “egg” for your username?

  2. What is the meaning of your profile picture?

I’ve always been curious about those two things…


Ask a Faithless Street Member

Egg totally ditched us.




Just come back and answer my questions, egg!
And then ditch us (again) if you want.

Is the name “egg” from Hotel New Hampshire?
And why is the kid in egg’s avatar dressed like Yujiro Ishihara in the Japanese tv show Taiyo ni Hoero??




I like my eggs fried or poached


Same here.

Recently I discovered rosemary ham.
I’ve been making scrambled eggs with rosemary ham.
It’s delicious!



I miss egg. :cry: :fried_egg:


I make turkey bacon. Break it up in the eggs before I scramble them. It’s really good.

Sometimes I do the over easy eggs if I have some really good bread to toast and eat with. True fact: I never tried an over easy or sunny side up egg until I was in college.


I usually cook the ham or whatever first and then put the eggs in and scramble.
I’ve tried it the way you do it but personally, I feel it brings out the flavor of the meat more if I cook it first.

I love over easy!
These days I do the over easy, make some ham and get some muffin and do a breakfast sandwich.


Yeah I cook the turkey bacon first. Take out of pan and break up and put in the beaten eggs. Then put it in a different pan and scramble them.


Poached eggs on toast.


Gotcha! We’re doing the same thing. :fried_egg:
I just leave it in the pan and use one pan. Easy is my middle name. :wink:
Try it with rosemary ham, if you like rosemary. The kind with the rosemary in the ham. Not too much though because the rosemary can overwhelm everything, unless you like it that way.


Poached eggs on muffin! :heart:



and i like breakfast sandwiches too.

everything bagels so i can mop up that dark orange yolk.

bok bok