Where the fuck is egg?


is that a euphemism of some sort?

cause i love muffin


My wife quit eating eggs and then Egg the poster disappeared. Not sure what to make of this.

My oldest son and I put away about 21 eggs a week.


my chickens slowed down during fire season…it fucked em up or irritated em or something.

now they’re back in action.

i walk out and grab about 4-5 eggs a morning.

the richness in their yolk can’t be beat…dark dark orange. using them for baking literally turns the dough orange too




Ultra Easy Violet. sounds nice.


Sounds like a porn name! :rofl:

(I said it before Rodknee could :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Everything is a euphemism to you, Rodknee!!

:peach: :eggplant: :smile:


Or “Holy Crap! Egg, is that you?!”

Maybe that’s what happened to our egg…


where has our little egg gone? i do fucking miss him!

i emailed him but he’s gone silent.


:confused: :fried_egg::confused: :fried_egg: :confused: :fried_egg:


Yeah I miss the ole bloke, and that’s no yoke.


I heard he was sitting on a wall and had a bit of a spill. I think he’s recovering.