Where the hell is the Definitive Best Albums of 2018 List thread??


i just finished my best of 2017 playlist, so now it’s time to get started on 2018 (that was not a typo). but how in the hell am i supposed to do this unless you jerks post your favorite songs/albums from the year?? i can’t do this on my own you selfish sonsofbitches.

i gotta say… i’ve been making annual ‘best of’ mixes since the early 2000’s, and these last couple years of music have been so disappointing. perhaps i’m finally getting old. but man… i feel like all my older favorite musicians aren’t putting out great albums anymore, and 95% of these new musicians are garbage. and what the fuck happened to “indie” rock?? i can’t tell you how many top-10 “indie” lists i read this year that contained albums with no audible guitar on any track. just computers spitting out programmed beats & tones. and while we’re at it, where did “alt-country” go?? is Isbell the only musicians left who is holding down this genre all by himself? everything i come across labeled “alt-country” or something similar is either some shit pop-country CMT band, or it’s some guy with an acoustic guitar who is ripping off Johnny Cash’s entire act. new music sucks ass.

rant over.

ok, so where’s all your “best of 2018” lists?



Here’s my post from the thread:
My mix is going in the dropboxes now. Give it a listen :slight_smile:


01 - Black Moon / Silver Waves - Phosphorescent
02 - C’est La Vie No.2 - Phosphorescent
03 - Providence Canyon - Brent Cobb
04 - Cover My Tracks - Ruston Kelly
05 - See You At The Movies - J Mascis
06 - Cinders - The Moondoggies
07 - Match - The Moondoggies
08 - How Long? - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
09 - Around The Horn - Phosphorescent
10 - Elastic Days - J Mascis
11 - Berth - Gregory Alan Isakov
12 - Faceplant - Ruston Kelly
13 - Wished Out - Carl Broemel
14 - Dark, Dark, Dark - Gregory Alan Isakov
15 - Golden Lonesome - Glorietta
16 - Lit By Midnight - T. Hardy Morris
17 - Malibu Shadow - Carl Broemel
18 - Just For The Record - Ruston Kelly
19 - Wings In All Black - Gregory Alan Isakov

or get here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m9x2l3eq6sy9vkl/AAAHrCUFMRiZHLXYbZZpYaKsa?dl=0



You didn’t look very hard did you? :yum:


20. Leon Bridges - Good Thing
19. Post Malone - Beerbongs & Bentleys 
18. Cary Brothers - Bruises
17. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Streets of You
16. Rosalía - El mal querer
15. Scott Orr - Worried Mind
14. Pearl Charles - Sleepless Dreamer
13. Natalia Lafourcade - Musas Vol. 2 
12. Kyle Ollah - Used to Wear That Old Straw Hat, But Now You Wear the Crown
11. Francesca Battistelli - Own It 
10. Dessa - Chime
9. Traci Braxton - On Earth
8. Lily Allen - No Shame
7. Jeffrey Foucault - Blood Brothers 
6. Romantica - Outlaws 
5. Loretta Lynn - Wouldn't It Be Great
4. Carolina Story - Lay Your Head Down
3. Roma di Luna - We Were Made to Forgive
2. Brandi Carlile - By the Way, I Forgive You
1. Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour


6. The Chapin Sisters - Ferry Boat 
5. Sammy Brue - Down With Desperation
4. Katie Howard - Only You 
3. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - I Am With You 
2. Corey Medina - The Brothers 
1. Andrew Combs - 5 Covers & a Song


I think the Lily Allen album would be fantastic if the production wasn’t so bad. I don’t think those songs are getting the love they deserve.

Kacey Musgrave is the one that surprised me the most. It’s truly fantastic.


I haven’t heard anything off the new Lily Allen. Will go listen to some today.


evidently not… but you can’t say you’re surprised, right? that’s why i’m so adorable!


also i feel compelled to point out that there have been a number of people who have always had great taste in music and who have both never steered me wrong… and 2 of those people happen to be the first responders of this thread. Sunflower and Dan have always had impeccable taste, and they have also turned me onto some of my favorite music.

In Sunflower & Dan i trust.


i noticed just about every ‘best of 2018’ list out there has this kacey musgrave album either at or near the top of their lists. haven’t listened to it yet. looking forward to it. but this was easily the one album that showed up on every list.


Yeah, it just surprised me. I was hooked when I heard the first single.


Kacey musgraves album was discussed in one of those threads too.

I tried to like it. I wanted to like it. I just couldn’t get into her lyrics. They ruined most of the songs for me. Great voice though.


Also, thanks for the kind words!! That Dropbox link to my mix should still be good. I’m very happy with my mix and still listen to it all the time in my car. I can put any of those albums back in the Dropbox if you’re still in it. Or I can invite you again.

Just let me know.


Cball, will you be sharing your mix with us?


I thought Pageant Material was much better than Golden Hour. The writing and the production.


Ok, is that her last album?
I will go download it.


Pageant Material is her second album. Golden Hour is her most recent. Pageant Material has a nice country sound. I could listed to this song all day–shouting “and maybe you married the wrong person first” on the top of my lungs. Or at least once I’m done with this goddamn flu.


Cool. I will check it out.


I also posted a couple of tracks in Song of the Day.


tail between my legs

would’ja possibly maybe re-invite me again for the 30th time?? i’ll actually figure out what my problem is this time with my space instantly filling up. clearly it’s a user error.

if you’re nice enough to invite me again, i have a new email address: ErnieMcCracken25@gmail.com (points awarded to those who know the reference without using Google).

and of course i’ll share my best of playlists too. i can upload my best of 2017 mixes now, although it’s not terribly timely :wink:

thanks LB!