Where's Monkey?


Where’s that irascible bastard been?


he’s been going doctor to doctor to get that boil removed off his ass.
so far, no luck


At some point the boil will become sentient and begin posting to his account. See if you can spot the difference.


I wanted to mention to him that Joe Rogan podcast with Josh Homme.

It was life-affirming.


??? How can anything with Josh Homme be life-affirming?


Last time we heard from Monkey he was feeling good. That means he’s probably in a trunk right now.


Monkey said years ago that Homme was the only man he would let plow his sphincter. I think Homme has grown a lot personally, but I don’t follow him closely. I liked what he said in the podcast.


i found those taibbi and snowden interviews to be amazing.

in other breaking news…Matt Taibbi requested to follow me on instagram.

i accpeted w/ glee. he’s one of my heroes


Monkey dumped Homme after he kicked that photographer in the face. Wonder if this was before or after? Aaand we know Monkey lied about that now.


He may just be waiting the site to be renamed RyanAdamsIsAFuckingPedo.


I probably should check my attic again…


Wait. What? I didn’t go anywhere!

And Ryan Adam’s is a pedo.


Maybe Monk would dig this, maybe not.