Whiskeytown supplementary studies


Started this thread, as I am currently trying to figure out some things that I have never found satisfactory answers to about Whiskeytown recordings.
For starters: Why do the tracks on Forever Valentine seem to be in somewhat different sound qualities? For example, “Runnin’ Out of Road” seems to be in lesser quality than others, such as “Caroline”, for example (two of my favorite WT tracks, btw). Is that just due to dynamics of the instrumentation (worse quality on tracks where “more goes on” on the soundtrack)?


Does anyone know the original track-list for the double-LP version of Pneumonia?


I think I already passed this class back in the '90’s.

Probably one track was recorded in a barn and the other in an actual recording studio… Just a guess, but I was pretty good at guessing at answers back in school.


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I take it that you will not be buying a signed copy of his new art book for 450$ then?


I realized I had a copy of one of his other garbage books that was signed and was happy that I could sell it for $100 or whatever. But I was putting it back on the shelf and the dust cover got snagged and put about a 1-inch rip in it.

So fuck, right?


Maybe someone will pay you to burn it. Especially now that @MonkeyFlunky is back.


I have not bought that shit. I am not clinically insane.


Hey now, easy tiger (to coin a phrase). I bought that shit. And I did manage to sell one of the books. Same with Live after Deaf. I was a fanboy back in the day. I admit it. I do have the Cardinals belt buckle still. But it turns out that you can attach mistletoe to it, so it seems fine to keep.


All of which is to say that I am not clinically insane. I think.


Of course you are not - you are a peach. But if you would fork up 450 at this point for his new art book, I would say that there is a chance that you might need a check-up from the neck up. (For the record, I am myself still pretty hardcore about his musical recordings and the Cardinals in particulat, at least up until 2007 so I am not pointing any fingers. To each their own, I always say.)


Now, back on subject: was “The Battle” recorded during the Pneumonia sessions?


O’K just posted photo of an original copy of Forever V on RAA. Claims that there were only 8-10 copies made.


… and it is in crystal clear sound quality (he sent me a sample).



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that looks bootleg as fuck


the battle was recording pre pneumonia

he and caitlin wrote it. you should reach out to caitlin on facebook. she might chat w/ you about songs she helped write…i’m friends with her on facebook and we chatted once and she was nice