Who am I and what do you know about me?


Please share what you’ve read about me over the years. I’ve shared a lot in different cyber incarnations.

Share what you know of me then start your own thread on this subject about you…

Do we really know each other? What can we know?


At times you need volumes of external stimuli, be it positive or negative. You enjoy the feedback loop and provoke it. You get a good chuckle from your own posts, and at times have a troll undertone/overtone.

I do not know you, but believe you are probably good hearted, and a good chat over a cup of joe/tea.


Yeah, I don’t know you from before this place either. You’re definitely a bit “out there” but in a harmless sort of way. Sometimes the things you say are hard to believe so I don’t know if you’re living some crazy life or just looking for a reaction. But you have good taste in music and like going to shows, so I know we have that in common and we’d have plenty to talk about if we ever met.

Also you like animals and post cute cat pictures and I like that. :cat:


I think you’re probably a sociopath


I’m waiting for Ely Plains to respond. I assume he’s been keeping a file on me


Don’t really know much other than what you’ve said- going way back to the .org days.

I think a move to the Midwest and a regular job might be a welcome change.


You are mr gay. You are gay about LA. Having spent a day (too long) in Hollywood recently I think you need to get the fuck out of that burning pile of crap.


You’re an ok guy aside from some of the rebellious posts on the previous board, but your colorful ways always grabbed my attention.
Sometimes I thought you were Whisperer but then I accepted the fact there was someone else just as wack as you. :wink:


I think you burn down or tried to burn down some sort of Studio thing and have served a sentence for that and some sort of drug issue but otherwise you are a ginger and a friend of kjo


I was temporarily in her good graces but then I made fun of her once and she stopped talking to me. That must’ve been ten years ago though


montana is full!

stay right where you are.


I think the other Orgers have covered everything.

You mentioned going to Japan and teaching English (along with other starter career moves) about 500 times, but you ended up in Cali with a medical scrip for grass.


That should be on billboards of your state. My brother’s town had one that said: We’re all here because we’re not all there.


You don’t appeal to me. Your online persona is so fucking gross it can only make me think that you are fucking gross in real life. :slight_smile:


But that’s not the case for u!!!
U big gummy bear!