Why the actual fuck does John Travolta still have a movie career???


This is absolutely dreadful from start to finish and it’s just the trailer. Every scene he’s in looks fucking painful:

Makes this look Academy Award worthy:


Lol I’d watch it. And it’s produced by Fred Durst.


I’m the wrong person to ask. I got excited to watch Walker Texas Ranger last night.


Oh, wow…


The Church of Scientology takes care of you when you give the 95% of your net worth and income


i stand w/ monkey on this
cage and travolta should be banned from acting.


Cage’s work is spotty but he’s done a couple of good things recently. Have you seen Mandy yet.


Mandy is such a great film.


i need to check it out.

what’s it about?


It’s an occult movie reminiscent of those from the late 60’s through early 80’s.


I’m probably in the minority of people my age, but I can’t stand Nicolas Cage. But I’ll admit I enjoy laughing at Travolta and his horrible films. I saw Gotti at the theatre. What an embarrassing movie. Travolta was actually the only thing professional about it.


I’ll always love John Travolta for what he did in Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy and Welcome Back Kotter. He’s a national treasure, Scientology or not. Beck gets a pass, so does Vinnie.

When I showed my daughter the movie Grease, she was about 12. She developed the hugest crush on John Travolta but couldn’t watch any of his other films ®. When she finally saw modern day John Travolta it really killed it for her. She’ll come back when she’s old enough to watch Urban Cowboy.


Pulp fiction was worth while… but after I watched Face Off years ago, I swore off movies by either of those two tools.

I did enjoy Raising Arizona and Moonstruck, decades ago.



raising arizona is fucking awesome.


Yeah. I think Cage does still do some movies where he’s passionate about the project and he “brings it”. I also believe that he has such huge debt that he takes most any role that’s offered to him, too.

I can’t speak for what happened to Travolta but his output has been fucking dreadful for a while now.


My mom still has some silly 70s/80s era crush on Travolta so I like to tease her about all the rumors that he’s gay and approaches men in gym locker rooms. And apparently he has some male assistant that he’s very close with. Doesn’t matter to me but I think it’s funny my mom is in denial about it all because he danced in some old movies lmao.


Leaving Las Vegas is a great movie. I have no issue with Nicholas Cage… probably bc I’ve never watched most of his shitty movies.

I can’t even look at John Travolta though. When his son died because he wasn’t on the seizure medicine he needed to be on bc of Scientology I was just sickened by him, and his wife.