Wilco 2021 Tour Seven Inch Singles


Wilco sold two seven inch singles during tour dates in 2021. Half Life/I Can’t are outtakes from Ode To Joy. The other is a split single with tour mates Sleater-Kinney. They each did a cover of the other’s song. Wilco did Modern Girl & Sleater-Kinney did A Shot In The Arm. Anyhow…if any of you fuckers want’em…I suggest you go to the box & get’em.


Nice to see you again. :kissing_heart:


Truly glad to have you back, Jerry – avatar and all!


Hey Jerry, nice to see you back here again!
I finally watched the first season of Daredevil. Really enjoyed it!
Going to watch season 2 pretty soon.


about time! welcome back :slight_smile:
stick around


I’m a big fan of the Netflix mini-MCU featuring the street level heroes/vigilantes. Daredevil season 2 will bring Elektra & The Punisher into the fold. It’s pretty bad ass.

Did you seen Spider-Man: No Way Home yet. It’s easily my favorite MCU movie.


When the Netflix series came out, I tried watching Daredevil and got to the episode where Kingpin kills one of the Russians. That was a bit too violent for me so I stopped watching it. And then when The Defenders came out, I watched that and then Iron Fist and some Luke Cage and forgot about it.

Then I watched Hawkeye recently and saw Kingpin in it and then read about Spiderman and Matt Murdock so I thought I’d give it another go. This time I knew what to expect so I really enjoyed it!

I was going to watch season 2 next but according to the internet, this is how I should watch the Netflix Marvel series so I’ll probably do it this way:

Daredevil (Season 1)
Jessica Jones (Season 1)
Daredevil (Season 2)
Luke Cage (Season 1)
Iron Fist (Season 1)
The Defenders (Limited Series)
The Punisher (Season 1)
Jessica Jones (Season 2)
Luke Cage (Season 2)
Iron Fist (Season 2)
Daredevil (Season 3)
The Punisher (Season 2)
Jessica Jones (Season 3)

No, I haven’t seen Spiderman: No Way Home yet. I was going to go see it in the theaters when it opened here in Japan and I thought it was in Feb. but it was Jan.! I missed it so I’ll have to wait for it to be released on Disney+.


That’s the order I watched them in. It’s the chronological order of their releases. And I believe that’s the order they were intended to be viewed. I’m a big fan of the Netflix Marvel shows. I intend to re-watch them in the not too distant future.

I saw No Way Home on Dec. 20 here in the states. I loved it. I can’t wait for it to come out on Blu Ray and/or Disney+.


@ultraviolet Have you seen any of the previews for Disney+'s new Marvel series “Moon Knight”? It looks so awesome. It starts streaming at the end of March I think.


Yes, yes! Thanks, Jerry! I’ve seen the trailer and I’m looking forward to seeing it for sure. It’s been a while since the last Disney+ Marvel series so I’m definitely ready for more! As a matter of fact, anything Marvel, I can’t wait to see! :+1:

The digital version of Spiderman: No Way Home will be out in March 22 so we’re catching up on the previous Spiderman movies right now. I saw the Tobey Maguire ones when it came out years ago but never bothered with the ones with Andrew Garfield. Just finished the ones with TM, next it’s the ones with AG. :spider::spider_web:


I liked the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies very much. I don’t think they deserve the bad rap they got.

It’s not Marvel but DC…I saw The Batman yesterday. I liked it a lot. It was almost three hours though. Robert Pattinson’s version of Bruce Wayne is definitely a different take than what we’ve seen in previous Batman flicks. But, I think he pulled it off quite well. Paul Dano was fabulous. And the make-up job they did on Colin Farrell was absolutely incredible. If he wasn’t credited…you’d have no idea that he was The Penguin.

One of the previews was Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It looks pretty awesome. The preview that caught my interest the most was The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent. Which surprised the shit out of me as it’s a Nicolas Cage vehicle. I haven’t been the slightest bit interested in a Nicolas Cage film in over 20 years. And wait for it…Nicolas Cage plays… Nicolas Cage. But, he and Pedro Pascal look like they play off each other quite well. I plan to see that one too.


I’m looking forward to seeing them. I’ve been reading good things about him as Spiderman. I think the bad rap came from the storyline, I read that that wasn’t too good compared to the first three with Tobey Maguire.
We started watching the Pirates of Caribbean series and once I’m done with that, I’ll go back and finish watching the 2 Spiderman movies with Andrew Garfield.

Looking forward to seeing that, also!

I read about that one. I’ve never been a Nicholas Cage fan but since you brought it up, I’ll check out the trailer. Thanks!


i’ve never understood the appeal for pirates of the crappybeing movies. i think they’re rubbish.

i like the tom holland spider man movies. tobey maguire was so-so


I’m curious. Could you care to elaborate?

I love the first three, the last two are ok, nothing special.
The first one is the best. With that one, I think they really captured the essence of the Disney ride. I love Jack Sparrow and how Johnny Depp based his character on Keith Richards and Pepé Le Pew and he just plays it brilliantly. His facial expressions are priceless!
And, to me, the best thing about the Pirates movie is that they are just so fun to watch.
It’s a Disney movie, not a Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorcese movie, nothing deep and serious.
It’s all about fun and fantasy and entertainment for the whole family. Even my 86 year old mom and 87 year dad enjoys watching them.
Oh and they love watching Marvel movies/TV with me, too!

But whatever, everybody has their preferences and it’s all good. :+1:


oh for sure.
i think i can get on board w/ the first one. then the rest just felt forced, watered down and just nowhere near as fun. plus, johnny depp doesn’t do much for me…and he hasn’t since donnie brasco…

i love good fun popcorn movies. my fave genre would be spy/thriller/action …i feel like the pirates movies didn’t work for me cause of deep and it was just over played.

you and I have lots of similar tastes in music and movies and leading men…just not pirates.


The first one was really magical and they had to go and try to make more money off of it.
But since I loved the first one, when I watch it, I always go and watch the whole series, even if it gets worse and worse! :rofl:

We love those too and we’ve watched a lot of them and I’m always looking for more. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

Right, my favorite ride at Disneyland has always been Pirates of Caribbean so… :wink:


that is a good ride!!!