Wind of Change podcast


Did anyone listen to this? I thought it was great!

It’s 1990. The Berlin Wall has just come down. The Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. A heavy metal band from West Germany, the Scorpions, releases a power ballad, “Wind of Change.” The song becomes the soundtrack to the peaceful revolution sweeping Europe — and one of the biggest rock singles ever. According to some fans, it’s the song that ended the Cold War.

Decades later, New Yorker writer Patrick Radden Keefe hears a rumor from a source: the Scorpions didn’t actually write “Wind of Change.” The CIA did.

This is Patrick’s journey to find the truth. Among former operatives and leather-clad rockers, from Moscow to Kiev to a GI Joe convention in Ohio, it’s a story about spies doing the unthinkable, about propaganda hidden in pop music, and a maze of government secrets. “Wind of Change.” An offbeat eight part investigation


Fuck you guys! It’s great! Shit, the guy even interviews the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The whole premise is ridiculous but I promise that there will be times when you think “hey, maybe the CIA did work with the Scorpions!”


Hard pass, bub.


They worked with Houdini. Wouldn’t be surprised.


And Nina Simone unbeknownst to her


Rasta don’t work for no CIA!


just subscribed. i’ll give it a whirl.