Wither, I'm a flower


This was up on the wall in the tour office but we can’t keep an infamous asshole’s image on the wall anymore.

It got rained on yesterday so it looks even more sad

I hope it breaks his heart and makes him realize what a narcissistic twat he’s been.

I don’t care if he gets a restraining order at this point. Ha. I have no desire to stalk the guy. But I figure I might as well make a statement since I’m in close proximity.

Taylor Swift is hanging in his place.


Totally read that last sentence as admittance to stalking outside his house, spying on Taylor through the window. Do narcissists ever acknowledge and get help?


This isn’t his house


Yep I got that :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about printing out Nick’s album covers and plastering them up around PaxAm


That would be fantastic. But don’t get arrested for flyposting! You might end up in the same cell as RyRy


Maybe I’ll just put them in a booklet and leave them on his stoop with the albums people leave for him that he probably throws away


At this point, getting publicity as Ryan Adams’ stalker would be to my advantage and his disadvantage