Worst/most annoying songs ever?


Looking for some songs to submit to an upcoming poll.

I’m thinking things like:
Maroon five


Well, that one that has the line about ‘the best soy latte that you’ve ever had’ for sure.



I was thinking that soul sister one in particular. :train:


Kid Rock–All Summer Long. No contest.



And anything with a HEY! in it.


Except Hey Ya maybe


And chumbawumba definitely, fucking awful song


All good ones.
Also Missy Elliot “work it”. Probably the worst song ever.


Everything by Billie Eilish, any Taylor Swift song where she sounds like a toddler which is all of them

Any Modest Mouse song that is an obvious sellout attempt but i still like them


I think Train is the worst band of all time though.

Creed was bad too but they weren’t as persistent as Train


Nailed it. That whole phase of group singing songs without a proper bridge was as satisfying as a wet fart. Songs written to be used as commercial jingles. Sad pap.


I could totally see that, but you’re forgetting Nickelback.


Billy Joel.


I really don’t get the hype over Billy Joel. I think I was the only one in my hometown that didn’t care for him


I love Billy


Mitski’s “Nobody” is a really annoying song.


Monchichi commercial song.


You aren’t kidding. As soon as that song would come on the radio at work we’d change the station. KEXP played the hell out of that one last year.


haha same - we play KEXP most of the day at work and it gets shut off every time that song comes on