Young Men Singing For the Lord !


I love this Southern Gospel music. It has a rich history. We need more of this!!!


They fucked up by not calling themselves the Oak Ridge Altar Boys



That one on the left is pretty hot too.


Also, did they come there straight from 1957?


Actually they seem more '70s or '80s style. I think they will go far.


What is “far” in the Christian music world?


It means they’ll make enough money to cover the cost of their conversion therapy–and keep them in name brand soda.



Surely, you’ve heard of The Statler Brothers? Bill and Gloria Gaither? And who could forget Lulu Roman? All the greats of Gospel .


I doubt they are homosexuals. They aren’t in an Alternative Rock band.


Fuck that noise

Only gospel worth a damn is Sam cooke!

Preach my brutha!!!


Me and anyone outside of Branson


I think their ceiling is “opening for the yodelling Walmart boy”


I imagine it’s only a matter of time before this quartet breaks up because one of them is fucking Kinfolko Ono.


Underrated comment.


agreed. :kissing_heart:



hahahaha…is Yoko Ono that obscure?


Their harmonies are amazing. They can really sing live. All these Rock artists can’t sing so they turn up their instruments full of blast. Rappers can’t sing so they talk over a beat. This is real talent. Real talent lasts forever.


I’m sorry that you’re so dense.