Your nothing but a dam communist and other Personal Beliefs


Here’s the thread Willie requested. I took the title from this goofy horoscope page. It makes me laugh every time as I am married to a Taurus and he is such a communist that I actually had his wedding band made out of a silver ruble from 1924.

Here’s a place to talk about and poke at personal beliefs.

RIP thread

I’m a pagan socialist who believes in astrology. Like all millennials. Funny how as you get older you can appreciate what a cliche you are. Why couldn’t I have fit in so well in school? Ha ha.


I identify as a Libertarian Democrat, which is a fairly recent term as far as I can tell.

Basically I think that if the private sector can do a job as good or better than the government we should try to pursue that avenue UNLESS doing so could put the needs of the private entities above the needs of the people. For example; privatizing Social Security by putting the majority of SS funds into the market would likely yield better results in terms of generating funds, it would also create an environment where protecting corporate interests would be prioritized over human well-being.

It also, to me, in many cases means being willing to make decisions based on pragmatism as opposed to left/right ideology. Take Colorado’s covid response. Polis was, to my mind, effective in making sure people were protected as much as they could be but evolved as new data emerged. Here in California there was a large contingency of people applauding government lockdowns as the solution to any fears or concerns while in Florida they rejected basically any action whatsoever. In Colorado their policies evolved in what I saw as a data based approach.

I like informed data (even when it goes against my own sensibilities) and am not a fan of when policies to regulate the activities of Americans are written and advocated by the people with the least amount of knowledge about a subject. I don’t want evangelicals writing laws about abortion, teetotalers writing laws about drug use, and people who have never even held a gun or those who see gun control of any sort to be heretical writing laws about gun control.

My core values have not changed much over the last couple years, but my standing on the political spectrum has gone from just right of center to just left of center. It is all relative, I suppose.

Unfortunately, Libertarianism has evolved from a philosophical ethos which deserved good faith consideration into a Christo-fascist salve for expression of what some people see as the “White man’s burden”. It just got dumber and dumber.


There needs to be an age limit for politicians. I have a whole theory on why there isn’t one but it’s just more of my paranoid rambling about the patriarchy.


@highlife You use ‘it’ without making a specific noun reference that ‘it’ can refer back to. This muddles the meaning and can lead to easy misinterpretation. Can you be more specific?

Sure…The Libertarian idea that govt should only build roads and protect our borders. A simple retort to this is, “Did you have diarrhea today?”

If the answer is no, you can thank regulation from the FDA and elsewhere. If the person you are engaging with doesn’t know history, they can at least confirm they did not shart in the last 24 hours.


100% agree with this.

If you are at a party you don’t ask the guy walking out the door to go home what toppings we should order on our pizzas.


Don’t go and make me say hegemony.


man. i used to care about stuff like this but I’m not well versed or read or informed anymore. I’m better for it. not terribly sure what ideology is the best…but i know for 100% sure all politicians suck and so do govt. we need govt so there’s the real problem.


I’m a grammar Nazi, and it’s You’re.


How did you catch that and not “dam?”


I did catch dam, but I prioritized.


Right, anyway, I was quoting. Guess I should have put (sic) next to it. :wink:


But that would have made it harder for me to talk about my Personal Beliefs in the thread.


I see what you did there. You’re clever. 🤍


So we are now correcting the grammar on fortune cookies?


Yes, that’s what the internet has reduced us to. It’s sad.


I suspect Chat GPT or Bing might be up to the task.

Or not: